Special Deals and Discounts!

There are two types of discount soap packages that you can purchase.  The first is our 'Regular' soap by the pound.  These are the same bars that you will find in our store, and may include leftover soaps from other custom orders.  The 'Regular' soaps are suitable for gift giving or decorative purposes.  The 'Miscut and Scraps' soap category includes the ends and fragments of bars that did not meet our quality standards for full price, so we pass the savings on to you.  Still the same quality soap, just not as pretty.  There is no set size for these pieces, we sell them by weight at a discounted rate.  See pictures for samples.

Our 'Soap by the Pound' is a great option for customers who love using our soap around the house, want to get a great deal, and don't have a preference for scent, shape or appearance.  We choose, you save!