Soapmaker's Choice of Full Sized Bars

We'll select a variety of soaps and fill a USPS Medium Sized One Price Box.  We reserve the right to mix and match different scents, colors and shapes.  You will get more soap for your money this way than if you order by unit through our main Beeswax Soap category.  This is a great way to stock up on gifts if you don't have something in particular in mind! These will be full sized, round, square and rectangle bars. We will likely give you soaps from the previous holiday season, or items that we have overstocked. The soaps that you recieve will be gift worthy if you'd like to wrap them in bags or give them to friends, but they won't be marked or labelled in any way. Just a box full of great soaps!  This is well over 10 lbs. of soap, which means it is less than $3.99 for a POUND of soap, which is what you normally pay for one bar!  We offer this as a way to thin out our stock of unwrapped soaps. 

Soapmaker's Choice of Full Sized Bars
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