Natural Loofah (large)

We grow these loofahs at our home and use them for a variety of purposes.  We mainly grow these to place inside of our soaps, so that when we cut the bar, it has a scrubbing sponge already inside the bar (see some of our loofah soaps on the 'Beeswax Soaps' page).  But these have a lot of other uses as well!  Did you know that natural loofah is a perfect pot scrubber that WILL NOT scratch your Teflon or non-stick pans?  For cleaning baking pans, this is a great alternative to synthetic sponges or brillo-type pads with abrasive soaps and chemicals.  You can also use these loofahs in the shower or tubs as natural exfoliators.  The rough, but pliable, texture of the loofah fibers work great for getting rid of dry skin areas.  Our 'large' loofahs are about 3 inches in diameter and vary in length from 1 foot to 16 inches.  You can cut these easily with a serated knife to make sponges for multiple rooms.

Natural Loofah (large)
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