Flying Fork Ranch: Jellies and Jams

"Flying Fork Ranch" is the culinary arm of Blessed [are the] Beekeepers.  These gourmet delights will fly off your plate and into your mouth!  We aim to raise most of our vegetables ourselves in our gardens or buy them from local farmers via farmer's markets who we know by name.  Our logo also represents the pitchfork we use to till our gardens and toss our compost!

All of our items are pickled using proper techniques in Mason Jars so that they will store without refridgeration until they are opened.  Refridgerate after opening.  These make great gifts or are great to eat yourself!

If you have particular items that you are looking for, contact us and we might use your suggestion to create a new item for sale on our website!  We love to try new things and create new and exciting products.