Blessed [are the] Beekeepers is a locally owned business in Kingwood, TX, specializing in beeswax soaps, lip balms and other homemade products.

Our Mission is to provide high quality products from the best natural ingredients in a sustainable way.
Blessed [are the] Beekeepers is a locally owned beekeeping business in Kingwood, TX.  We are proud to sell local honey from beekeepers in the Houston area.  We source our local raw honey from hives within a 75 mile radius of greater Houston.  We also offer a variety of products from hand crafted beeswax soaps and beeswax lip balm to jams and pickled items (such as jalapenos, banana peppers and pickles), hot sauces and marinades.

Contact Mark if you would like to carry our products in your business. Gift baskets can be made and sent with a personal note in the same way that you would order and send flowers. Prices are lower for retailers so that your final selling price is comparable with similar products on the market.  Look for Mark and his son, Matthew, at markets around the Houston area!

With the addition of our new trailer, we can bring our products to you, creating a unique local fundraiser for your church or non-profit organization!  Look for us at Kingwood Market Days and follow us on Facebook by searching for "Blessed are the Beekeepers"   We are also on Twitter via @BlessedBKeepers


About our logo: We see this as a unique visual representation of peace and prosperity.  "Behold a helmet which a fearless soldier had worn; now, with the onset of peace, it has surrendered to bees the use of its little hollow space, and it now yields honey-combs and sweet honey. May you enjoy the art of peace." adapted from Alciato's Book of Emblems

Flying Fork Ranch is the culinary arm of "B [ ] B". 
All of our edible products are listed
under the brand name "Flying Fork Ranch".